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Philadelphia, PA. The Spruce Street Harbor, River Hangouts.

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

The weather's good. You've been hanging in Center City or Old City Philadelphia and decide, "you know what, I could use a little sit down, with a view and possibly a beverage or a snack?" What to do, what to do, what to do? Once the thumbs stop twiddling and your Google results come up empty, head east til you can't head east anymore unless you're a really good swimmer. You will find yourself nestled up against the Delaware River and if you're lucky, the Spruce Street Harbor (Spruce and Columbus Ave.). Cities across the nation, where they have grown up by the river, have discovered something, obvious or not. People like to be near by bodies of water. They like an open place to stroll, park like settings where they can just be. Sprinkle in some eateries, perhaps a cold beer or beverages and an aura of festiveness and poof, you now have a destination. The Spruce Street Harbor was born of this. Now, if you're familiar with the Penn's Landing area of Philadelphia, part of the equation was there already. There was a river view, some restaurants and a smallish museum. It never quite attracted a free flowing, casual type atmosphere that exists today. Today, the Spruce Street Harbor is a place to go with nothing to do but chill and let's face it, we all want that chill spot right? Spruce Street Harbor was the missing element. From seating and shade, to light bites, craft beer and soft drinks, it's that Saturday in the park that the band Chicago sang of. It's that urban carefree moment that every city or town needs. So if you're in the city, take some time out of the city and visit, it's worthwhile.

Spruce Street Harbor Philadelphia, Pa

Spruce Street Harbor, Philadelphia, Pa

Spruce Street Harbor, Philadelphia, Pa

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