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Coba, Mexico. The Coba Ruins, Live The History

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

If you're traveling the Riviera Maya and want your vacation to be a little more than sand and surf (and everything that would come with that), immerse yourself in history. It all awaits you, it's all around you and just a short drive from Tulum or Playa del Carmen. The Coba Ruins are more than just one tall structure, it is a small city village that was a connection point for all of the Yucatan Mayan empire.

At Coba, you'll find ceremonial structures & stadiums for games of chance. The ruins are spread out over a few square miles, so for those not inclined to walk, take a hired bike or bike (rentals are available) to the main ruin, the Pyramid. Some will stand in awe just at the bottom and marvel, others will be enticed to climb (it's much steeper than it looks), but once you reach the summit you'll have a view of the Mayan jungle tops for as far as the eye can see. You can break up your trip to or from the Pyramid structure by visiting the many other edifices that exist with in Coba and there are many. Take your time and dive into Mayan history in a place that feels well preserved. Request a guided tour as they are relatively inexpensive (please tip your guide). If you're there long enough, check out the main square for souvenirs and the Tulum Pole Flyers as they helicopter (by rope) 75ft above the ground, it's a spectacle. The main square is also a decent place to grab a light bite or drink. Coba is an easy day visit from all of the Riviera Maya.

Coba is approximatelyt 44 kilometers (28 miles) from Tulum, 109 kilometers (68 miles) from Playa del Carmen. or 146 kilometers (90 miles) from Cancun. Each town has its own transportation hub, group tours and rental car agencies to get you to the ruins. Tour operators can also be researched online for better deals or package deals, including other historical sites or parks you'd like to see. Go.

The Stadium and Games Court, Coba Ruins.

The Pyramid Coba Ruins

Excavated Sites of the Coba Ruins

Cavelike Stone Passageway, Coba Ruins

The Pyramid Coba Ruins

Coba Ruins

Sizable Pyrmaid "like " Structure, Coba Ruins

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