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Puerto Morelos, Mexico. The Old, In and Out

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Puerto Morelos is highly underrated when it comes to the Riviera Maya. You can "deplane, deplane, deplane"and be on the sand from the Cancun Airport in about 20 minutes. Leaving Puerto Morelos and heading back to the Cancun Airport provides the same convenience, you're in, you're out. While that might be one of the reasons to visit, it's not the only. Puerto Morelos is growing and while it's growing quite as fast as neighboring Playa del Carmen, it does have it's own unique charm. Puerto Morelos does attract it's crowds, but there are no "throngs" of people to fight through. Finding your own spot on the beach does not require putting on enough sunscreen to wedge yourself into an open space of sand. Puerto Morelos is "old school". Driving into town from Highway 307 leads you directly to a quaint malecon. Here, there are merchants and restaurants to visit at a leisurely pace. Food offerings in Puerto Morelos are popping up everywhere as the restaurant scene seems to keep expanding and emerging.

The Beach, Puerto Morelos

Think of Puerto Morelos as your suburban neighbor nearby to the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Puerto Morelos runs lengthwise from north to south (about 3-4 miles) and encompasses about 6-7 blocks between ocean and mangrove. There are several large resorts north and south of the town, but you would never notice if you didn't venture that far.

The Leaning Lighthouse on the beach, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Puerto Morelos offers a quietness, a calmness that is often the hallmark of a great vacation. There are several beachfront condos for rent that can be had for a decent price. Once there, all you need to do is open the window and the Caribbean seems to be beckoning you. On the beach, you will not find a ton of beach clubs, but you will find beach side restaurants and bars that will offer you liquid and light bite refreshments during your visit. If you don't want or need ALL the action (crowds, noise, mayhem,) Puerto Morelos is a nice getaway. One of the places we had the pleasure of staying in Puerto Morelos was Casa Toucan, a privately owned own condo that we found on Airbnb. Casa Toucan was right on the beach and located just steps from the main square which allowed us to enjoy the town or the beach without compromise. While there are many other places like it in Puerto Morelos, Casa Toucan is one of our favorites.

Casa Toucan, Puerto, Morelos, Mexico

If you're looking for a little night life, check out Avenida Javier Gomez. Just one block north of the main square, you'll find many restaurants to choose from to partake in delicious seafood and Mexican cuisine. Ninos Heroes, the next block over has competing restaurants to kick back and take in Mexico life. Recently there has been the addition of a food mall, more like a food truck mall further north on Javier Gomez. It's adventurous and good eats all under one roof.

If you should decide to get off the beach for some family fun, check out the Croco Cun Zoo. It's small zoo with all manner of wildlife from tropical birds to spider monkeys and best of all,crocodiles. Walking through an open pit of crocodiles, was the highlight of our visit there. Yup, somewhat scary.

Puerto Morelos is an easy get away and if your looking for a little solitude, a great place to stay.

Puerto Morelos, the Main Square

Croco Cun Zoo, Puerto Morelos

Croco Cun Zoo, Puerto Morelos

Beach Life, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Pier Shell, The Beach at Puerto Morelos

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