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Ranville, France. The Gateway of D-Day, The Pegasus Bridge.

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Avenue Major John Howard, 14860 Ranville, France

The Pegasus Bridge, Ranville, France

If you're touring the great WWII historical sites, don't leave the Pegasus Bridge off your list. For the European "theatre" that was WWII, the Pegasus was the grand opening act as wooden gliders landed near the bridge in order to aid to those who would come ashore on the Normandy beaches the following morning. Gliders crash landed within 50 meters of the bridge and liberated the first European home of WWII. Led by British Officer Major John Howard, the taking of the Pegasus was the first foothold of then Nazi held Europe. The first home liberated by the landing now operates as a coffee shop with historical footnotes and artifacts commemorating the occasion. The current owner was a young girl when the operation occurred and she offers a mean cup of "joe". The Pegasus Museum is footsteps away with a recreation of the bridge though the real one still exists and is used daily.

Major John Howard, British Allied Forces

The first home liberated in Europe during WWII

Pegasus Bridge Armaments, Ranville, France

The Pegasus Bridge, Ranville, France

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