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Key West, Florida. Welcome to Tropical Mardi Gras

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Oh Key West, so many stories both real and fabricated hang on your lips. The southern most point in the US just might be the wildest, funnest time you've had in some time. It comes alive like a Rio Carnival celebration and Nawlin's Fat Tuesday combined, should you time your visit correctly. You can fly or drive in (from Miami International), which ever floats the fruit in your cocktail, but once here ah my friends let the good time roll ...whether you like them or not. Key West the city is a quaint little town with old wooden homes and narrow streets. It's been the playground of Hemingway and other notable Americans long since passed. By day it is a tranquil let's see the sites, walk the town, take in the views kind of place. At night the revelers and the uninhibited let it all hang out and droop down to an NC-17 rating. If you haven't checked your morals at the door, especially at night (typically weekend nights or during Fantasy Fest), the pages of your religious tome are sure to burst into a Sodom and Gomorrah-like flame. Key West becomes an adult oriented atmosphere with costumes of all types leaving little to the imagination and that being said, it can be wildly entertaining. Everyone is friendly and crawling the streets, mainly Duval Street, where most of the action is in search of fun, frolic and of course drinks. If you didn't know it, Key West especially at night, is a drinking town. All manner of pubs, bars, restaurants bars are all open for your imbibing pleasure and choice of drink. You can reflect on the on goings from the bottom of your glass, be a spectator to the semi-debauchery or if inclined, join the fracas of a midlife crisis bacchanalia. Either way the choice is yours, choose wisely. We Airbnb'd next door to the old Hemingway House just off of Duval Street, next door to the Six Toed Cats Restaurant. Perfect location for all things Key West.

The Southermost Point, Key West, Florida

Key West beaches are flat wide expanses and KW also offers a robust marina life (yes think boating). Beaches are to the south of the town where you can take in the very end of the continental US, it's Southernmost Point if you will (yes it's an actual place). Here the horizon seems to go on forever. Perfect place for quiet and solitude away from the busy-ness of the key. The is also a robust restaurant life in Key West as well. Of course there are dishes from the sea (the big duh), but also a well established international flavor. One of my favorite restaurant visits was La Cafe Creperie, delicious french faire.

La Cafe Creperie, Key West Florida

There is also Sunset Pier (at the very end of Duval Street), a popular gathering place to watch the sun fall into the ocean. Happy Hour is done well here and it is the preamble to night life in Key West.

Signage from Sunset Pier Key West, Florida

Local music flavor at Sunset Pier, Key West, Florida

Key West has a lot of great watering holes that feature live music, so rest assured there will be entertainment of all musical sorts. There are also adult themed bars, where clothes become optional and true to form, typically it's the people you really don't want to see disrobing,

well... disrobing. All is fair in love and drunkedness and listen, kudos to those who feel free enough to let it all hang out. If you've found your clothes optional freedom, congrats to you my friend, just please don't fret if I avert my eyes. None of the partying is salacious or or ill-intended, it's actually just people letting loose. If this is your moment, then by all means have at it. I will say this, it makes for great people watching.

If you think that this is all the Key West has to offer you would be mistaken, it is just what I found most humorous and to an extent, entertaining. Key West offers boating, snorkeling, diving, day trips to Dry Tortuga National Park and every other conceivable water option. There is also the history of Key West its self, historical and haunted it seems. Key West has many stories to tell, it's just a matter which one grabs your attention most. Should you go? That would be a definite yes, and if you come across a six toed cat or a near naked human experience, well just consider it part of the exposed charm.

Key West, yup it's fun. Key West, Florida, Sunset Pier

Key West Marina, Key West Florida.

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