• Laine Alan

Ghent, Belgium. Surveying The Landscape of Ghent.

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Ghent, Belgium

Perched on St. Michael's Bridge it seems as if all of Ghent awaits you. It's a unique spot in the heart of the city. All of Ghent seems to offer itself to you from here. Be where you are if you visit and take in the moment. Ghent is located between Brugge and Brussels and seems to incorporate a little of each city; metropolitan but quaint. Churches are in abundance, they are beautiful and resplendent in sight, an ode to a time when Christianity was a fierce business and each spire soared seemingly and competitively higher to the heavens. Historic, cultured and youthful Ghent offers a little something for everyone.

St. Michael's Bridge, Ghent, Brussels

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