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Ghent, Belgium. Beautiful Historic City.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Ghent, Belgium

A must see if you're traveling through Belgium, from its architecture to its history it's entertaining. Ghent, wedged between two of the Belgium's more notable cities, Brugge and Brussels, can be overlooked but shouldn't be. It captures the spiritual, historical and vibrant nature of Belgium via its winding canals and spired churches. Ghent's center is also a very walkable. You can visit most of the tourist/historic spots, get your fill of shopping, dining, drinking and continue on your way to where ever you next destination might be. If Brugge is Celine Dion, Ghent is Amy Winehouse. We know Amy had a story to tell, so does Ghent.

Historic Center Ghent, Belgium

St. Michael's Bridge, Historic Center Ghent, Belgium

Historic Center Ghent, Belgium

Historic Center Ghent, Belgium

Gravensteen Castle, Ghent Belgium

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