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Fajardo, PR - The Marina and Beyond

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Photo - Playa Escondido, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Our stay started in Fajardo, located south of San Juan (Puerto Rico's major airport) by about 40 minutes. Located on the east coast. Fajardo and Las Croabas, dramatically reveal themselves as you descend down the hill on Route 9987. Puerto Rico, visually, has a flair for the dramatic, whether the mountains or the sea, both reveal themselves equally with a certain panache. One never tires of the views. Las Croabas, technically the port area for Fajardo, is a quaint little marina, where most of the Bioluminescent Tours embark from. There are also charters, and water taxis for the Isla Icacos. The marina area is small, but there are few restaurants here to enjoy, where you can dine and enjoy the views of the waterfront.

Photo - Rooftop at the Las Vista Cafe

The best breakfast to be devoured in all of Puerto Rico is served at the Las Vistas Cafe. Sitting rooftop, where views take your breath away, breakfast is served en masse, and in delicious quantities. It's so good (and popular), that reservations are needed. Yes, reservations for breakfast. Make them, make them often. Gladys, the owner, your host and part time wizardess, will make you feel as if you are the only person in the world worth serving breakfast to. Intimate, charming, satisfying. For a better dinner experience, also make reservations for the space limited, gastronomically pleasing La Estacion. It's an old gas station converted to one of the best eateries in Fajardo, offering distinct Puerto Rican cuisine and slow, slow smoked savoriness.

Photo - La Estacion Restaurant, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

There are several beautiful beaches nearby including Seven Seas Beach and Playa Escondida, which requires a worthwhile hike through lush flora and forest. Each of these beaches are fairly isolated, but offer a paradise which seems to be exclusively just for you,

Photo - El Faro De Punta Tuna, Maunabo, PR

If there is a need for additional human contact during your beach visits, Luquillo Beach, just north of Fajardo, conjures up everything you might ever need. Luquillo Beach is divided into two different locations, the first is a public park-like setting with parking for beach access and just two minutes north from there, is the famed Luquillo Kiosks, which front another section of beach. Here my friends, especially on a weekend, is where all the action is. There are fifty plus kiosks offering every manner of food, of course including Puerto Rican dishes, in addition to souvenirs, potent drinks galore and locally made crafts. This is where you can let loose, and take it all in. The party is constant and at full volume on the weekends. The din of cars, motorcycles, ATV's,with booming sound systems, all parade up and down the Kiosk strip with a look at me, show up and show out attitude. It's "lit" as they say. And the world, should this be your desire, is seemingly yours. You get it on here, you get it in. It is pure spectacle.

Photo - Luquillo Beach, Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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