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Etretat, France. Heavenly and Beautiful.

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

76790 Etretat, France

Western Cliffs of Etretat

The cliffs are majestic and celestial as they horseshoe the waterfront town of Etretat. Traveling to Etretat from the east, you roll down the slow sloping hills and it feels like being a droplet of paint on an impressionists brush. The horizon of light and surprise is only revealed when you're able to see the complete picture. Etretat is a small jewel of web-like streets, intimate, villagey and welcoming. The landscape is Monet and Boudin in its grandeur, two period painters that captured the beauty of the town on canvas. Outstretching one's arms while standing in the center of Etretat's rocky pebbled beach finds an austere elevated Chapel at your fingertips to the right and to the left, pure naked cliffs suspended in air.. Visit both cliffs for different perspectives (it's a healthy climb, pace yourself) and varied views. The Normandy coast may never look better.

Western Cliffs Etretat

The Town of Etretat

Etretat Vista

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