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Cane Bay, St.Croix. Between Here and There.

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Cane Bay, St, Croix

If you've acquainted yourself with St. Croix, (assuming you're a visitor and exploring the island) you may have come to know several idyllic places where you can kick back, sightsee, get rum drunk or just enjoy a great meal. One of those places you should visit if you are taking in all of St. Croix, (which I recommend you do) would be Cane Bay. You can make a day, afternoon or evening of it. Cane Bay pretty much rests between North Shore Rd. and River Road. Coming from east or west, you will know you have arrived when the brush and homes clear out and there is a beautiful view of the ocean. That view does not last forever as it is not the biggest beach, but it may be one of the coolest and funkiest places to visit. Cane Bay has a nice vibe. There is enough beach for everyone, there is also diving here if you care to partake. Cane Bay is not overrun (not a lot of amenities) and has a nice slow pace, think leisurely enjoyment of the environment, nice beach, blue waters and not a care in the world. Cane Bay can be one of your beach days without being crowded, there is no hustle or bustle here just a really "cool" place to enjoy some sun. Directly behind the beach is eat@canebay, a little further up the road is Off The Wall and further still is Waves. Waves is the pricier dinner alternative than the other two mentioned (higher end eats and prices, but worth it), check their hours of operation when planning your trip, great food. Off The Wall and eat@canebay both have their pluses. Both offer a great view of the water, both have homey eats. Off The Wall attracts a slightly older crowd and expat locals, eat@canebay has a younger crowd per se and that is easily recognized in the adventurous food offerings and the visitors (it's also an elevated view which is very nice). You won't go wrong at any of these places it's just a matter of what you might be looking for and as I always say "to each, his or her own", you should know by now what's good for you. Most people will tell you St. Croix is slow and that might be true, however there is plenty to do and see if you plan your trip correctly and seeing the entirety of the island will offer a real perspective into what St. Croix is all about. Cane Bay is a really nice part of that so if you go, enjoy.

Cane Bay, St. Croix

Cane Bay, St. Croix

Cane Bay, St. Croix

eat@caanebay, Cane Bay, St.Croix

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