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Christiansted, St. Croix - Big Beard's Tour Is A Must If You Visit

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Christiansted Boardwalk, Christiansted 00822-4534, St. Croix

We did the half day tour and hey just maybe we should have opted for the full day. The crew is funny and ultra professional, you will feel safe every step of the way on your visit to Buck Island. Buck Island, ....no wonder it's considered a National Monument, beautiful crystal clear waters and white sand. It is the epitome and definition of the tropics. After some initial exploring of Buck Island Beach (and snorkeling lessons if you don't know how to snorkel), we once again boarded our boat for a snorkeling tour of the coral reef just to the east of the island. You will feel as if you were visiting an aquamarine zoo in it's own habitat, because you are. Schools of fish, the coral reef and Caribbean all come alive in vivid scenery. It is surreal, it is quiet and it is very majestic. I would definitely do this tour again, it's great time with some great people.

View of Buck Island from Christiansted

Christiansted Shoreline Enroute to Buck Island

Christiansted near departure point for Buck Island

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