Restaurants Reviewed
Shirley's Seafood (Queens Highway, Georgetown)
Splash Bar and Restaurant (Queens Highway, Georgetown)
La Fourchette (Rokers Point)
Splash Bar and Grill
The Rusty Anchor
Santana's Bar and Grill
The Lighthouse Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor
Chat N' Chill
Peace and Plenty
Shirley's Seafood
Queen's Highway, Exuma, Bahamas (just north of Georgetown)
Shirley's Seafood is located among the Fish Fry Collective if you will, a collection of wooden shacks on Queen's Highway north of Georgetown.  The staff is friendly and funny in almost a comically sassy manner. Being  a seafood restaurant, you will encounter fish options on the menu as well as Conch prepared in a myriad of different ways. The food is filling, but I didn't find it remarkable as I was hoping to encounter something that was uniquely Bahamian. Our thoughts on that "unique" premise was also agreed upon by the couple at the next table that we befriended as we mused over the meal. Shirley's environment definitely has an "out" island feel, meaning it's homie and feels somewhat loosely thrown together. The Fish Fry Collective is gathered right on the shore and just offshore are the remains of a rusting, partially sunken barge in addition to what looks to be a decomposing tugboat that has been inoperable for some as it sat looming and abandoned in the afternoon sun. Consider these dismissed seafaring relics your landmarks if you will. Would I go back again? Yes, if I needed some thing quick and nearby as we were lodged just a stone's throw away. If you visit Exuma, Shirley's Seafood will be one of the places you are bound to visit and you should as it is iconically Bahamian in so many ways. I just wish their offerings were equally as iconic.

Splash Bar and Restaurant

Queens Highway, Georgetown, Exuma


Located at the Hideway's at Palm Bay, Splash is funky little bar and restaurant. The bar has "swing" chairs at one part of the bar and stools in other places.  There are pool tables as well as regular tables for seating. The screened windows, complete with wooden shutters offers a 180 degree panoramic view of the ocean. It is colorful and playful. It has a limited menu that features pub food, all the fried and grilled things you'll recognize and a few upscale items, like lobster & kale, that might seem a little misplaced. They were out of both items on the day we dined there, so there's that. Consider Splash a place to get off the Queen's Highway and to rest for a minute. The food served here is not over the top, nothing extremely memorable but it is a place to just kick back, gaze upon the blue waters and let the Exumian paradise do it's thing.

La Fourchette

Roker's Point, Queens Highway, Georgetown, Exuma


La Fourchette is a quaint little restaurant on Queen's Highway at Roker's Point. It is octagon shaped with wall to wall windows, all set to whitewashed walls. It shares the property with Paradise Bay which offers colorful bungalows for their visiting guests. We sat down for an early lunch and sampled a few of their offerings, BBQ Chicken Sliders and Fish Tacos. Both were edible, taming our afternoon hunger.  The one thing they are known is pizza, however the lunch menu did not include it on their list of food items offered. I would definitely like to stop back and try it for sure. La Fourchette has a laissez faire feel to it, so if you do want to get off the highway and replenish with food or drink, there is a bar in the dining room, La Fourchette is a perfect place to do that.

Peace and Plenty

Queens Highway, Georgetown, Exuma


One of the things you begin to love about Exuma after spending sometime here, is the smallness and the uniqueness. With our vacation rental just up the road from Georgetown, we were informed that Peace and Plenty in Georgetown had a Thursday BBQ every week. Lucky for us it was Thursday, so we took our appetites there for dinner. Peace and Plenty simplifies the process by having you choose your meat and then you can select from several sides to compliment your meal. One of the food cuisines I think I know is BBQ and I believe I might have to send a memo to Peace and Plenty about just what BBQ means. First, as mentioned through some of my previous reviews of the food in the Exumas is that it should contain some iconic flavor that is particular to the island. While not disappointed, per se, I have had better BBQ. The Ribs that I ordered were not particularly tender, nor smoked, nor crisped. What it seemed to be was sauce with meat and being in Exuma, I salute the attempt, I really do. My spouse had steak which was "decent", tasty and tender (it was ordered medium rare). The sides offered were ok, the Rice and Beans were a little overcooked and dried out, the Potato Salad was an ode to the American South where the make a very good Potato Salad. The other side that I enjoyed was the Cole Slaw, as it was flavorful. We were a group of four, so we enjoyed each others company while we dined for BBQ gathering. As we surveyed the dining room,it  looked like a gathering of families and friends who come to Peace and Plenty for the BBQ cuisine diversion that's offered every Thursday night. Live music via the band Rake and Scrape provides a jubilant soundtrack for the night. The Thursday Night BBQ at Peace and Plenty is a weekly gathering, although if you know real BBQ it might just leave you reminiscing for the real thing, BUT as mentioned, on a Thursday night in paradise, it is the place to be.

The Chat N' Chill

 Stocking Island, George Town EX29445, Great Exuma 


Chat and Chill is the ultimate island beach hangout. To get there? Hail a Water Taxi from Georgetown, rent your own boat from Minn's or hitch a ride with friends, but get here. It's the beach party you always wanted to have, carefree bar with cold drinks, white sand beaches, friendly staff and a homey place in which to do it all. We found Chat and Chill, not that it was lost, when our boat outing was interrupted by a storm. We reached Chat and Chill just before the rains "really" came down and rode out the storm with several rounds of drinks AND it so happened that it was a Sunday, which is the Sunday Pig Roast at Chat and Chill. Let me just say, it's a damn good Pig Roast, deliciousness was exuded everywhere, from the main to the sides. It was rainy, heavenly and glorious. The only thing better would have been sunny afternoon to begin with, but even with the rain, it was the very best time (the skies did eventually clear). Chat and Chill is a boaters paradise as well, a welcome break from the water and many boaters make it a destination. At Chat and Chill you'll find friendlies from every walk of life and even if you are far from home, it will feel like your Exuma home. There's nothing not to love about Chat and Chill, so if you're visiting Exuma, get there.

The Lighthouse Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour

Steventon Queens Highway, Great Exuma


If you run out of food options (tasty food options), take the drive to the Lighthouse Cafe, trust me you won't be disappointed. It feels like family affair when you dine here, from the ice cream to the meal everything about it is authentic and real. The service is provided by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I ordered the Chops with Peas and Rice and Plantains. The portions were large enough that I had to save one of the Chops for later. They were tender and delicious, reminiscent of my mom's Pork Chops at home, just larger and more of them. The Lighthouse Cafe is down home cooking, island style. it's southern gentility meets island kick. If you weren't feeling Bahamian before dining here, you will feel like you belong after dining. Heck you might even have an accent and it's all gonna be "irie mon, irie".

Santana's Bar and Grill

William's Town | Little Exuma, Great Exuma 


While we didn't get a chance to eat there, but the drinking was just fine as well as the view from the bar. For those DESPARATELY SEEKING GOOD FOOD on Little Exuma, Santana's is one of "the" places to go. On a little island with so much going on, you wouldn't think that unique, inspring cuisine would be hard to come by, but trust me it is. Santana's breaks the bland and uninspired mold. It's a chill vibe with a friendly staff and well worth the drive to Little Exuma. On the word from others in our group one of their best offerings is the Lobster, yup it's fresh. Of course there's Conch and Conch Fritters (thumbs up on that), Jerked Meats and delicious Grouper, we heard it was "to die for" and I am not sure that I have met the meal to die for just yet. Enjoy, possibly date whisper sweet nothings to, yes, but to die for nooooo. Lastly, if you're lucky, you might see the staff chumming the waters just off the bar with old fish and conch, so a word to the wise stay out of the water. A dorsal fin belonging to flesh loving, eating machines have been spotted here more than once. You've been warned.