The Dominican Republic

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El Lugar
La Dolce Vita
Aux Delices de France
La Bodeguita
Mi Casita de Campo
Cafeteria Restaurante El Conde
Las Terrenas






Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte, Las Terrenas 32200, Dominican Republic



We were staying just a short walk away from El Lugar (near Playa Popy), which we didn't know at the time. Our Airbnb host mentioned El Lugar was there and we thought, "oh ok we'll check it out". We really had hard time dining anywhere else, like ever during our stay. El Lugar might be one of the best places, if not the best place to dine in Las Terrenas. Facing the ocean, furnished in rustic but contemporary decor there is a not a bad space in the house, but the meal would have you believe that the only thing that mattered was on your plate. El Lugar serves up its tastings with panache. I'm not saying that its not for the every man or woman, just saying that what they serve is delicious, sinfully spiced, creative and well executed. El Lugar gets all the details right from food to service to ambience. We had burgers for lunch, there are no other burgers like these. Melt in your mouth, I need another bite kind of taste. Remember the word Reblochon (think sumptuous cheese) when it comes to their burgers. After lunch we made our rounds to see the sights of Las Terrenas, mainly Las Ballenas Beach and as the sun set, we found ourselves back at El Lugar. For dinner I had the Pork Chop, grilled and seasoned just right, my knife went through it like butter with the exception of the charred bits, which were perfectly delicious. Bruno the owner was on premises during dinner, we informed him how much we loved the place. There are very few restaurants that truly make you feel happy as a customer, El Lugar is one of them. I hope you enjoy as well.

La Dolce Vita

Calle 27 de Febrero | Camino Playa de Popy, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic 


Staying just down the road from La Dolce Vita, we figured we'd have to give it a try as the restaurant looked inviting and menu well constructed. La Dolce Vita has a nice romantic and ambient feel to it. Romantic, softly lit with comfortable oceanfront view. The waitstaff is welcoming and professional, the food, delicious. Not being big eaters, we split an appetizer and ordered separate dinners. We shared a delicious prosciutto wrap filled with goat cheese and all manners of goodness. Of course there was bread, good mouth watering bread. For entrees we had the Fish Filet with White Wine and Lime Sauce and the Spaghetti paired with Seafood. The filet was very good, although after several bites the lime portion of the sauce was a little too forward. It's a well put together dish, but unfortunately did become overwhelming in taste. The Seafood Spaghetti dish was creative and brilliant. We could not stop eating this dish, felt like the "old country" visiting the Caribbean. It was everything a good Italian dish should be. My only regret is that we didn't have a chance to sample more of the menu as it is a creative read.  If the spaghetti dish was any indication of how good the rest of their offerings are, I have no doubts that the rest of their menu items are tremendous. La Dolce Vita is definitely a place you visit to unwind and take it all in.

Las Galeras

Aux Delices De France

 Calle Principale, Las Galeras 32000, Dominican Republic 


Great pastries, desserts and breakfast. Friendly ownership and a leisurely dining experience. Feels and tastes like a little of France because it is, well, French. Bon apetit.

La Bodeguita

Calle Malecon, Las Galeras, Dominican Republic 


While Las Galeras may not have a lot of restaurants to choose from, you might want to make this one your home away from home (or where ever you might be staying in Las Galeras). Centrally located just up the street from the beach, La Bodeguita is quiet, friendly and serves a pretty good meal. From appetizers to pizza, everything is freshly made. Our host, on the occasion when he was out of something, jumped on his motorbike to make sure we had every thing we needed to make our meal a great experience. It's budget friendly as well as having a decent size menu. La Bodeguita feels like your home away from home.

Santo Domingo


 Avenida George Washington 500 | 5a Planta Hotel Catalonia, Santo Domingo 10104, Dominican Republic 


There are few places that make of the most of good food and a good view. Filigrana does both exceptionally well. During a recent visit (December 3rd) we were looking to enjoy dinner with a view and on Santo Domingo's Malecon you do have a few options, however nothing will compare to the serenity and taste of Filigrana. It feels opulent because it is opulent, but not over the top. The world at Filigrana arrives to you in hushed and nuanced tones. It's what you were looking for, it's what you wanted and Filigrana captures that sentiment and your imagination as well. Perched on the 5th floor of the Catalonia Hotel, it offers idyllic views which compliments a well appointed environment in which to enjoy a meal. Soft colors, warm lighting and the Caribbean all conspire to cast a spell, it does. Environment is one thing, food is another. Filigrana does food very well. It has an artisan feel, it's fresh and best yet it is delicious. We ordered Tuna Tartar and Ensalada Langosta for appetizers. Well executed. We were expecting smaller portions given the "fineness" of our fine dining, but the portions were ample, creative and wonderful. For entrees we selected the Lacquered Beef and the Lasana de Hongos Portabello with Langosta. There are meals if you were to have just one "last meal" the Lasana de Hongos with Langosta just might be it. A taste seems to offers a million flavors, all of them desirable. It lingers in your mouth like the sweetest of kisses. It is the melding of flavor, freshness and balance. The Lacquered Beef was good as well, the accompanying Risotto was food art in and of its self with the sweet "ajetes" being the master stroke. The staff is friendly, professional and understand the patience and pace of dining. We were never rushed, always attended to, our needs met without being requested. There are experiences and then there are experiences, Filigrana is the latter and it is memorable.

Mi Casita De Campo

Calle El Conde 354, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic


With all the chain restaurants surrounding it, Mi Casita De Campo is an oasis on the western part of Calle El Conde. This is the place to visit if you want real food. Reasonably priced, nicely executed Mi Casita has something for everyone. We tried the Seafood Paella and it was perfectly done. One of the best paella's I have had in awhile, ample seafood and delicious saffron rice. We also had the Grouper with Creamy Lemon Sauce, another winner. Feels like you're eating at your favorite aunts (tias) house and she can really cook. There is nothing pretentious at all about it. The waitstaff is friendly and the cerveza cold, I don't know that there is much more you might ask for. It's not the finest of dining, but it doesn't pretend to be because what it is, is really good food, for a good price with nice people. Of all the fast food restaurants that surround it, Mi Casita De Campo is the only place with authentic food which also happens to be quite good.

Cafeteria Restaurant El Conde

Calle El Conde #111 | esq. Arzobispo Meriño, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo 10904, Dominican Republi



Cafeteria El Conde is perfectly positioned in the Zona Colonial on one of the corners of Colon Parque. From here you can begin your excursions to visit the history of the new world or just kick back and take in the square, from tourists to artists, to everyday people. The food and service are both good, there is no rush to either in it's preparation or the manner in which it is served, nor should there be. They offer decent enough eats, not remarkable but certainly fresh and delicious. El Conde is that place where you take a load off and take in the surroundings of the Zona Colonial. If you're quiet enough  the statute of Christopher Columbus, which is in the center of the square, might whisper a word of two to you.