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La Pizza Nostra
Cancun Billy's Beach Club
Pelicano's Resturant and Marina
La Pizza Nostra
Puerto Morelos 77580, Mexico



You might just walk past La Pizza Nostra if you're strolling through Puerto Morelos, don't if you can help it. It's not showy or ostentatious in looks, but rest assured they make up for it in the kitchen. Their pizza is that good and I have had a pizza or two...or three. Thin delicious crispy crust, ample toppings lovingly prepared. I don't know what they are doing in the back, but the pizza has a nice brick oven taste. A slice doesn't crack or fold from the weight of the toppings. You'll eat one more slice than you planned on and if you stay any longer than expected, food has a way of disappearing at an alarming pace. Also try the empanadas, freshly made, dough and all. The gooey insides melt in your mouth as well. There are also many choices of empanadas to choose from. They don't feel heavy, just flaky goodness forkful after forkful, so go ahead and stuff your face. We also tried the Octopus, felt like it was just out of the ocean. Tentacles are crispy and the body meaty, yes you get the entire octopus, enjoy. The prices are also very, very reasonable. Trust me what you spend will never equal to what you get in return. As the name might suggest, the place is mobbed up....but only with flavor.

Cancun Billy's Beach Club

Avenue Rafael E Malegar 10 | Next to the Lighthouse, 1/2 Block From the Main Park and Dock, Puerto Morelos 77580, Mexico




Hey pardner, welcome to town. This beach side little hamlet is full of little places to "sit a spell" and take in the Caribbean view. Cancun Billy's feels a little like Key West with a Mexican twist. Three levels of dining: bar, terrace and beach will make sure that while you might be looking through your cerveza goggles, your views will be unobstructed. It's not the biggest place in the world, but it'll do just fine. Feels like the beach party you've been missing. The food for the most part is pretty typical fare, but you have to try their smoked barbeque which in my opinion sets Cancun Billy's apart from the average guac and chips joint. The smoked bbq is rich with flavor and tender as a baby's bottom (for the record I have never sunk my teeth into a baby's bottom, just saying the meat is fall of the bone tender). It's melt in your mouth goodness. Even the wings have been perfectly smoked with a really good dry rub to boot, finding the sweet middle earth of your lips being on fire, to damn that's delicious. The music here is great, nice acoustic sets with great vocals and everything you know from the Stones to Prince. The featured band while we were there could really play and it never sounded cheesy, like your drunk brother decided on some spontaneous karaoke. It's definitely very cool. Should you try it? Heck yes, if you're looking for a place to kick back, have some eats, drinks and enjoy the company you're with or meet some new folk at the bar. Best part, it's all within view of the famed Puerto Morelos leaning Lighthouse. Cancun Billy's might leave you thinking the Lighthouse is not leaning afterwards and that will be the mark of a good time.

Pelicanos Restaurant & Marina

Mza 2 Avenue Rafael E. Melgar, Puerto Morelos 77580, Mexico




If you are in the center of Puerto Morelos and looking for a postcard moment to sit back and take in all you have seen, this probably the best spot to do so. I can't go into depth about the food, we had chips, guacamole and beer, however Pelicano's is "thee" place to sit, have a beverage and/or a meal and watch the beauty that is Puerto Morelos. Sitting southeast on the square, this is prime real estate you are looking for. Wrap around balcony (with seating), surrounding the interior open air dining, all under a massive palapa. Nothing is going to feel much better than this, so just kick up your feet and take in the view. The Caribbean washing up on the beach, the boats bobbing in the water, merchants hocking their wares, let you know that this place is everything good about Mexico. A nice breeze runs in off the ocean to kiss your face, here you can enjoy a moment of being engaged without being actively engaged. The time passes easy here, so does the beer and food. Pelicano's is a welcome respite from the bustle and has that easy feel to it. Go and enjoy, that's what it is there for.