Restaurants Reviewed
Cafe Le Dante (Paris)
Le Deauville (Champs Ellyses, Paris)
Les Terrases Poulard (Mont Saint Michel)
L'Archange Crepe Au Metre (Month Saint Michel)
L'Aigille Creuse (Etretat)
Bar de La Page (Grandcamp Maissy, France)
Cage Gondree (Benouville, France)
Cafe Le Dante

2 rue Dante, 75005 Paris, France (Odeon / Saint-Michel)



Cafe bistro-ing at it's best and away from the crowds near the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Inviting, quiet and great food, Cafe Le Dante is nice break from boisterous tourists offering a decent bit of chill. It has just enough "je ne se quois" not to be pretentious and the right laissez faire to be relaxing. We enjoyed the Escargot, delicious frites (french fries), cheese plate and draft beers. It's a very good menu and reasonably priced. Sitting neatly on a tight corner, you can sit back watch the world pass by. This is what French Cafe/ Bistro's were built for, the ease of life and living it of course, with good food and drink in hand.

Le Deauville

75 avenue des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris, France


There might be better places to eat or possibly drink, but if you want to sidewalk cafe on the Champs Ellysees, there are few places that are better to see or be seen. Gawk, stare, people watch to your hearts content. Whether they are passerbys, or the people eating and drinking just like you. Le Deauville knows exactly what it is and you should too. Leave pretension at the door, sit down, grab a small plate or drink and take it all in. You're in the heart of touristy Paris and all is fair. Locals, tourists, commoners and those wanting to be seen, yup they are sitting right next to you or two tables down stylishly posing, faces in their phones or taking selfies, all in the center of the action and self importance. Don't get me wrong, Le Deauville isn't bad, decent food and drink for sure (keep your high expectations in check), but the real reason you plop your derriere down here is to be in the fish bowl. There will be passerby's looking in, while you're sitting down looking out and either way, it's a good time. Even if you pass by and don't stop in, you'll look in, it's that kind of place. Enjoy the spectacle.

Les Terrasses Poulard

Grande rue | Les Terrasses Poulard Hotel, 50170 Mont-Saint-Michel, France


There's no doubt after elbowing and shuffling your way through the small but quaint streets, hunger will eventually set in. There are plenty of options from snacks, sweet or salty, to more expensive options. In this case we chose the latter, as it was close to evening and since we were not staying on the island, we thought we would treat ourselves. Les Terrasses Poulard might be as pretty as they come. Perched about half way up the on your climb to the top of Mont Saint Michele, you walk into a dining room that is filled with light. The outer wall of Les Terrasses Poulard is floor to ceiling glass, offering you an obstructed view of the landscape below. Seating is comfortable, but a bit of a squeeze if crowded. The staff is friendly and the menu offers solid dining options. From a price to value quotient, you might feel you pay for more than you get, but remember part of that is location (it's a tourist area) and the other part, the view. There is a decent wine and beer selection from which to partake to make your meal and surroundings a little more relaxing. The portions served are medium to small, reflecting the "alleged fineness" of your dining experience. Les Terrasses Poulard is a very comfortable and welcomed break from (or in addition to), your tour of Mont St Michele. Bon apetit.

L'Archange - Crepe Au Metre​

Rue Pont Landais, 50170 Huisnes sur Mer, France


L'Archange is that kind of place. The kind of place you kick back, enjoy the view and savor the food. Feels like French hospitality at it's finest and it is. Locally owned and away from the tourist trap that can be Mont Saint Michel (it's just outside of town). It feels authentic because it is. It has a farm to table feel, true french country style and isn't that why you're here? Some goodness from Mother Earth? I know many might pass this by on their way to the Abbey, they shouldn't. Stop in and be smitten with a real taste of France. The servers are friendly and efficient, the views from the outside dining are without equal as Mont Saint Michel sits in the distance, basking in the haze of the day. If you're visiting the Abbey, put L'Archange on your list too.

L'aiguille Creuse

1 Place du General de Gaulle, 76790 Etretat, France


L'Aiguille Creuse is the classic joint in a tourist spot. Typically crowded, semi to non attentive service, "be glad you were served now eat your pie". Oddly enough, we had to beg for a table the first time we tried dining here ( the waitress didn't want to serve us at one of the outside umbrella tables as it was raining). We came back a second time, the rain had turned to drizzle and this time they reluctantly seated us inside. "Merci". To quote the rapper Tupac, "I ain't mad atcha" Beer? Yes, please. They have some great pizza combinations, so choose what fits your appetite and taste buds best. The service, eh, it's ok, definitely not great.The staff is made up of teenagers running food and drink back and forth (it was the height of the summer season). It seems the current staff had yet to achieve the true skills of waiting tables. The pizza, was decent, probably could have used another 5 minutes in the oven, but they were busy and the cook deemed it was done enough. Nothing like trace charcoal on the bottom of your slightly under cooked pizza. All in all it was not horrible, I mean we didn't die from the dining experience, nor did we suffer any lasting after effects. If you're not a voracious eater, one large pie is good for two people.  If you visit simply lower your expectations, adjust your attitude (don't expect much) and you'll be just fine. It's not fine dining it's pizza, no more no less, in a very touristy spot. They will not remember you, nor will you  remember them. Yup, fuggedaboutit. Now eat your slice.

Bar de la Plage

Quai Henri Crampon, Grandcamp-Maisy, France


Grandcamp-Maisy is small little hamlet nestled right against the Atlantic on the NW Normandy coast. Should you roll through these parts, Bar de la Plage is great visit. Whether dining inside or outside, there really isn't bad seating. It's cozy, yes read that as small, but it's romantic and has charm for days. They offer a great seafood menu, including Moules, as well artisinal cheeses and various other offerings. With food and drink, we took in the view of the shore and enjoyed libations as time melted away from afternoon to evening. The service is friendly, efficient and helpful. Bar de la Plage reminds you to make the most of the moments and that a good meal is all part of the journey.

Cafe Gondree

12 avenue du Commandant Kieffer, 14970 Benouville, France aka The Pegasus Bridge


Be sure to include a visit to this quaint piece of history during your visit to the Pegasus Bridge.  Great coffee and pastries, enchanting owner and artifacts commemorating the seizure of the Pegasus Bridge by Allied forces. The former home, now cafe, was the first home liberated by the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II. The owner of the cafe is the daughter of the  family that occupied the property during that time. She has an inviting smile and serves a solid cup of brew.