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Las Isla del Colibri
La Jardin Panaderia / Cafe
Viva Zapata
La Isla del Colibri

Porfirio Diaz No.80, Centro, 77305 Holbox, Q.R., Mexico



Stopped into La Isla Del Colibri after taking a tour of Isla Holbox and....well...the view of the street was good. Colibri is brightly colored well lit restaurant in the heart of Isla Holbox. Colorful decor and quaint furnishings maintain the slow island spirit of Holbox. The pleasantries seemed to stop there. We were just looking for a late evening snack, possibly dessert, but that must not have played well upon inquiring minds. The desserts were a no go, just not much of an offering, so we wound up ordering a few cervezas and Guacamole with chips. You might have thought we ordered a dish of the plague with a side of pestilence. Why you ask? The service upon entry was prompt and semi friendly, once we ordered as little as we did, seems the service slowed down before even really getting started. We were not the vision of loveliness that looked so good from afar. We became the cast offs. It was not crowded and the restaurant was well staffed, but it seems the attentiveness ended when we were not parting with mucho pesos. Our drinks were delivered promptly and with out much banter or fanfare which was ok by me, but the Guacamole was late in arriving, much like a celebrity who would believe the affair did not begin until they arrived. The Guacamole was fresh though, there was plenty of it and the chips were authentically Mexican. Good dish. After the Guacamole appeared, the waitstaff disappeared from offering us further attention although we could see them clearly milling about.You remember us right? The cerveza and chip people? Apparently we were also served a dish of the cold shoulder & disdain. It was even difficult to make eye contact at that point. I tried to rekindle some sort of relationship with my hurting and injured diner's heart but the love was lost. Relationship over. No closure. No longing gaze. No remembering when. Ok, ok I know when I am not wanted and I get the hint (yes a little bit of comedy). Once we hunted down the original waiter, which was a task, we simply paid our bill and left gracefully. It's not you Colibri, it's us. I held back my make believe tears as we exited into the darkness and quiet of the street. I wanted to take one last look back to remember the excitement, hope and promise we had when we entered, but it would have been too much to take. Perhaps we can try again Colibri. Or perhaps not.

Le Jardin Panaderia/Cafeteria
Lisa Road S/N | 200 meters West from Dowtown, Holbox Island 77310, Mexico


Should you visit Isla Holbox, here is the one breakfast spot you must visit, El Jardin. Why? Fresh food, fresher pastries & fruit and deep, dark coffee. Holbox is a sleepy little town and I like that way, its well preserved and not over developed. Like Holbox, El Jardin prepares food much the same way. There is nothing like fresh pastry in the morning and if you need something a little bit more satisfying, there is a host of menu items to choose from. Exercise some patience or have another cup of coffee while you food is being prepared. Though we just had the pastry and fruit, everything from the kitchen looks delicious and is made to order. El Jardin is a welcome break from the small time hustle & bustle of Holbox.  Bon apetit.

Viva Zapata

Calle Damero 67 Solar 14 | 1/2 Block From Main Square, Holbox Island 77310, Mexico​


If you order the Parradillo Marisco, just go ahead and pretend you're a marine biologist because it seems if it swam, crawled or found its own version of locomotion in the ocean, it will wind up on your plate. Did I mention it was fresh as well? Viva Zapata is lovely oasis on Isla Holbox. Sand flooring, earthy decor throughout (Viva Zapata, Google him) Viva Zapata captures the authentic rustic Mexican charm. This is the slow lane, watch others pass you by as you consume some of the freshest offerings on the island. As mentioned, we did indulge ourselves on the aforementioned dish, Paradillo Marisco and it is delicious. The seafood is fresh and locally caught. The octopus is well done, some of the best that I have had. The crab, tasty yet you can taste the difference between warm water versus colder water crustacean. Even though the crab had already endured its fateful demise, the meat clung to the shell as if it would be reincarnated by doing so. So sorry Mr. Mister Crab, no after life this time, I am scraping every last morsel out of your shell. The grilled fish is supple, tasty & meaty, yet light and has an innate goodness that comes directly from the meat and the freshness of the catch. If you trifle me a quibble, grilled fish should have some remnants of char, this fish though tasty would have been rendered, "oh dear lord this is good" if it had been grilled in that manner. All in all it was good dining experience, one I would recommend. If you find yourself in Holbox give it a look.