Florida - Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami
Restaurants Reviewed
Smoking Tuna Saloon - Key West
Le Creperie - French Cafe - Key West
Better Than Sex - Key West
Bolivar - South Beach
Smoking Tuna Saloon

4 Charles Street, 200 Block Duval St., Key West, FL 33040


Our foursome had a great night and topped it off with an excellent meal at the Smoking Tuna. After trolling up and down Duval Street and taking in the sordid, but comical sites of the "street" theatre, we happened into the Smoking Tuna accidentally. The location is great, far enough off the street to think you've escaped some of the madness which can be Key West at night. We made our way thru the alley way and were greeted with what seemed to be a really nice party on someone's outdoor patio. It opened up to a nice oasis, nicely bricked, live band and a casual welcoming atmosphere. Nicely lit, but not overly so. Seeing the most of the seats were taken, we headed to the bar and met Matt our bartender and host for dinner. Matt was friendly, funny and genuine. We looked over the menu and decided on the Tuna Wasabi at Matt's suggestion. Well played Matt. The Tuna was excellently prepared and the accompanying sauce was multi-layered spicy goodness. The pairing of the tuna and wasabi sauce is match made in heaven. Three of our four orders were that dish, we also ordered the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, again Matt's suggestion. The pork was smoked & cooked perfectly (tender and juicy), the sauce was spot on, a tangy sweetness that left you curious if they offered it as a soup. You could bread dip this sauce all night long and be satisfied. Matt is a great host and bartender, he entertained us with his travels and Key West stories, and insured the meals he suggested did indeed satisfy our tastes. I tried their house beer, an Amber Ale. A bit of a foodie and craft beer enjoyer, their Amber Ale was well balanced and a nice pairing with my meal. Seek out this little oasis in the city, if you are looking for a great time and good food.

Le Creperie - French Cafe

300 Petronia St #1, Key West, FL 33040


Fancy something a little different for breakfast after a night on Duval Street? My friends cleanse you mind, liver and palate with a trip to La Creperie - French Cafe. The coffee is delicious, but the crepes and galettes are to die for. From sweet, to salty, to savory, there is something for everyone. They do offer more than crepes, but if you want to live life in a laissez faire fashion, you will have the crepes or galettes. Made to order with the freshest of ingredients, they are wonderful. Grab a seat outside, feel the shade and anticipate your small slice of France that will be delivered to you. The galettes and crepes are light and airy, it's everything you expect and more. Take your time, enjoy every bite and feel revived as its your own personal "vive la revolution". If you're not feeling so French, there is a large selection of salads and sandwiches all made with the same love. Of all the reasons you'll visit in Key West, this will be one the places you're sure to remember.

Better Than Sex

926 Simonton St.,Key West, FL 33040 


There are a few places that falsely advertise what they might be about, Better Than Sex is not one of them. As you enter the restaurant, you will strain to find your vision as it is dark. It's as if  Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey), had blindfolded you for the unexpected titillation that was to come. Once your eyes adjust, you feel like you've entered the boudoir of a jasmine scented, experienced madame and yes, the games are about to begin. Deep shades of red fill the darkness of the candle lit room, it is dramatically sensual. The desserts that follow are absolutely sinful, like "9 &1/2 Weeks" kitchen scene sinful, well if that's a sin. Every dessert seems require some sort of tactile feel. You might do more licking and savoring than you have in some time, and the insult of it all? It's warranted as it is soooo good. Yes, that kind of good. Rich, thick, warm or cool, it's dessert foreplay for your mouth and soul. Whatever dysfunction you might have walked in with, you surely will not leave with. Every bite is a slow burn in your mouth, dripping like hot wax to your uninhibited sweet tooth. If they only delivered...